Now   is   the   time   to   put    even   impossible   dreams     into   works,   sacrificing    extra s    if   need   be   to   make   them   Manifest

Project Beauty for All will allocate all of its time to the organization of funds and products for the relief of the distressed found in homeless and domestic violence shelters.


"My conscious feelings and ideas as a young woman was to see the efforts of helping others come to fruition.  I never knew how it would truly come to life or manifest itself, but I did it anyway. We all have this ability, I believe we silently do this.  I'm not speaking of giving to the outwardly obvious people who are in need.  I am speaking of the goodness and grace we put forth as individuals in our every day lives.

Those who create beautiful succulent arrangements, those who bake their way into the hearts of others, those who sculpt and form beautiful ceramic pieces for the benefit of others in their communities and Hairstylists who donate their incredible expertise and hours of service to worthy individuals."




We welcome the generous donations of women's clothing stores in our community.  We realize there can be small amounts of overstock or slightly damaged items that could serve victims of domestic violence with an outfit to attend a group interview or an important event in their lives. We also accept gently used clothing from individuals who can offer a donation of clothing or accessories.

Are you a professional hairstylist?  Would you like to help with an event or assist in monthly haircuts for those in need.  We'd love to hear form you!
Paper Products

We feed the homeless on weekends and on major holidays.  We appreciate the donation of:  coffee cups w/lids, disposable spoons, napkins, paper towels, paper lunch sacks, plastic sandwich bags and much more...

Professional Products

We are in the process of working with major labels to donate their overstock items that may have expired.  If you have a direct contact or yourself own a salon with products you can donate, we would most appreciate you!

Volunteer Groups

It takes a village to organize small groups who want to help in ANY way they can.  Contact us and we will "put you to work" :)